Christian Meesey

St. Louis, MO

Born, when I was very young, in St. Louis, MO. In the early 1990’s I was introduced to the art of Caricature, and the idea of Not Sucking as an artist, ¬†by the great Tom Richmond and Ed Steckley.

From an early age, I was weened on MAD Magazine, ¬†Warner Brothers Cartoons, and Monty Python. I’ve been aspiring to those heights ever since. I enjoy traveling the globe, and have spent tenures in Miami, FL, New Orleans, LA, Santa Cruz, and Los Angeles, CA. Basically, I get out of St. Louis whenever possible.

A partial client list includes Warner Bros., Disney, IDW, Dynamite, MTV, Action Lab, Upper Deck, Blind Ferret, and more, where I create character designs, storyboards, and comics.

Currently, I can be found co-creating and illustrating comic books, including TIMESHOPPER!, MOTLEY & HARV, KNUCKLEHEAD Comics, SWALLOW: Vampires in the Big City, and various Ink & Drink Comics Anthologies.

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