Nathanael Fakes

Los Angeles Area

You can say I’ve dabbled in almost all elements of publishing, illustration, writing and cartooning…

I’ve resided as an in-house cartoonist for an agency in LA, where I created Red Bull cartoons for worldwide advertising campaigns with storyboards, print ads, digital ads and television commercials. I also have a syndicated series, Break of Day, that is read daily worldwide online at GoComics. My work also has appeared in MAD Magazine, New York Times, greeting cards, books, ads and just about anywhere that appreciates my (often off-the-wall) humor. Some of my biggest clients are 21st Century Fox (now Disney), Scholastic, and Warner Bros.

I have several books in development and am constantly working on new projects.

My other big passion is teaching. I teach over 500 students (and growing) cartooning business, art and more online at Cartooning Courses.

I have a wife, Kelsey, daughter, Ella and a massively fat cat named Tiger.

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